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Dog Walking


To a dog, a walk is more than just exercise, it offers them a chance to explore, investigate, socialise, play, and overall keep their minds stimulated.

I have found various dog-friendly local walks and trails in quiet wooded areas with lots of different paths and trails to explore making every walk exciting and different for your dog.

Ensuring that the dogs that I walk are happy and stimulated is my ultimate goal and I offer a dedicated and trustworthy service at all times. I am police (DBS) checked and fully insured.

I like to keep you updated during your dogs’ walks with photos and videos so that you can see what they’re up to and see them having a great time.

For added security and for your peace of mind, I ensure that every dog that I walk has a ‘Lets go Walkies’ tag on (with my contact number) as well as a GPS Locator tag which links to my smartphone allowing me to identify the location of your dog should they wander off a little far when off the lead.

Walks can be wet and muddy at times, particularly if your dog has had the maximum amount of fun. At the end of each walk, I ensure that all dogs are returned home in an adequately clean state.


Group walks:

  • ½ hour – £10
  • 1 hour – £13

Times include walking time only, extra time is allocated for pick up and drop off as well as fur cleaning.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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Doggy Day Care


As part of my Doggy daycare service, I only allow booking of up to 4 dogs to ensure that a dedicated service is given to each dog throughout the day. I provide lots of toys and activities for your dog which encourages lots of play, socialisation, and stimulation.

I provide updates during your dog’s stay with me with photos and videos.

Any treats that I offer are healthy, organic, and are grain-free.

Meals are offered in accordance with normal feeding routines at home.

I have a Dog boarding and Daycare licence granted to me by the local council who have cleared my home for this service ( I am able to offer a copy of this licence upon request).

You are welcome to visit my home to reassure you that your dog will be in a suitable, safe, and loving environment.

I have an extensive doggy first aid kit which consists of everything (and more) suggested on the Pet first aid course that I have completed and I am confident in managing dogs’ needs and transport them to the vet as and when required.

All dogs must be up-to-date with their Vaccinations. Puppies are welcome provided that all of their primary inoculations are up to date. All dogs that stay with me must be free of worms and fleas and be up-to-date with treatments for these.


  • Day care £2.50 per hour (8 hour minimum booking)
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Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning


Feel free to contact me to book your bitch in for a pregnancy ultrasound scan to confirm their pregnancy anytime from 28 days of their gestation.

I am certified to carry out ultrasound scans and proof of this certification can be provided upon request.

I offer images of your bitch’s ultrasound scan via Whatsapp or email as part of the price.

For confirmed pregnancies with me, I offer a 10% discount on Microchipping for puppies and kittens when they reach 8 weeks old.


  • £35 per scan.
  • £15 for a re-scan during the same pregnancy.
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Microchipping can be done from 6 weeks of age.


  • £10.00 per puppy / kitten

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